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Pages of text can become monotonous regardless of the respected content. It is no wonder readers get bored, and no wonder that there is a huge industry revival of the classic comic graphic novel.


Somewhere in-between though, remarkable words and phrases must be accentuated; as the page-turns so to say, the reader must be enchanted with, and retain something worthy that is delivered in an enriched experience.

I build books with content and format styles, often combined with visuals to engage the reader. From the cover through the author's notes sections on full-bodied manuscripts; to the accuracy and positioning of graphic novels for web press and sheetfed presses.

My contribution to publication production is noted in short ebooks, comic books, children's books, novels, historical publications and magazines over the past 20 years.

Quite often, a good read leaves you informed while a great read stimulates you to find another book to enjoy.

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