printing is only as accurate as the design is meant to be.

Having sent over a million pages to print in my career as a graphic designer, print broker, and book publisher, I can attest that a bad reproduction usually begins deep inside the source file. Whether we find ourselves staring at heavy laden black ink that cracks when folded or cut... or text that is trimmed off the edge of the page where there should be a margin...or that tri-fold brochure didn't align. If you have seen any of these issues on your files' output that was not desired, it's time to ask a pro for help. You had great ideas! But what happened? Often the file started in PowerPoint that was meant for virtual viewing and not for print (but we can print this on our own office desk jet and it looks 'ok') is not the accurate PDF file a process printing technique needs. Let Laura Reynolds inspect your PDF and send the correct file to a quality print manufacturer. One off posters to thousands of hard copy books...they will be great to view!

  • Your design? no problem. Ask about our pre-press setup for accurate prints guaranteed.
  • No idea where to start? How about with a pricepoint that allows custom creative solutions?
  • In a rush? Local clients are often greeted with personal delivery service when the job is brokered through us to a nearby printer, or overnighted by FedEx and UPS.  Some printing can be turned around in less than 24 hours. Ask!
Most printing quotes can be delivered the same day. Please click here to request yours.

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